Shoalhaven Eco Energy

Solar Energy Systems

Dix Electrical South Coast is Nowra’s top choice for the installation and maintenance of all solar electricity systems. We stock a large range of solar products, and can connect your solar energy system to the grid.

Our residential solar energy systems range from 1.5kw to 10kw.

Dix specialise in AC Micro inverter solar systems because they are the safest option for your family as well as the most cost effective solar solution.


Solar electricity is not just a popular choice because of its benefits for the environment. With a solar energy system installed by Dix Electrical in Nowra, you can save money too. We can help you apply for a government rebate on your new solar energy system.


Dix Electrical South Coast are the specialists when it comes to commercial solar electrical systems in Nowra. If you want to reduce your energy bill by installing a solar energy setup at your commercial property, Dix Electrical are the people to call.

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